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Racing Towards Tyranny – Curtis Bowers on Olive Tree Ministries

Anyone who cannot see that America and Canada are racing towards tyrannical government has engaged in willful blindness. We encourage you to listen to the warnings of Curtis Bowers in our most recent radio programming which we did not even post on YouTube.
Jan and Curtis consider these issues:
        • Bowers states that if Lenin were in the White House, his policies would mirror Biden/Harris. What are these policies?
        • How is America being extinguished by Executive Order?
        • Who really is running the American government? Which elites are calling the shots? Certainly not Joe Biden.
        • How did the “woke movement” get into the church? What is the story behind Wheaton College taking down a plaque honoring missionaries killed in the 1950s?
        • What are the tell-tale signs that “wokism” has entered your church?
        • Why are even some conservative media icons no longer reliable? Flag waving is no longer sufficient nor the answer to our dilemma.
        • Why does Bowers feel the Q-Anon movement is a deception?
        • How close are we to the World Economic Forum’s “Great Reset” of world Socialism and a one-world government?
        • Many say we will “turn things around” in the 2022 and 2024 elections but if the system has been corrupted, what can we do? As Stalin said, it only matters who counts the votes, not who casts them.
        • Now righteous people are seen as domestic terrorists. How do we fight back?

If the video has been taken down, please watch/listen at

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