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Countering the Flat Earth Phenomenon - Dr. Danny Faulkner (Conf Lecture)

This lecture is from our 2017 'Is Genesis History?' conference. We invited a number of scientists and scholars to teach in-depth on the Creation/Flood model. If you like this lecture, you can buy, download and watch over 70 more at:

Here, astronomer Danny Faulkner discusses the new "Flat Earth" movement and why this topic matters to creationists.

Dr. Danny Faulkner received his PhD in astronomy from Indiana University. He is distinguished Professor Emeritus at the University of South Carolina-Lancaster, where he taught astronomy and physics for over 26 years. Since January, 2013, he has been the staff astronomer at Answers in Genesis in northern Kentucky.

For more information about Dr. Faulkner, please visit:

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