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Welcome to a new revamped website.

Hi folk, we have moved to a new website and are using our church website and I am pointing our domains .faith and .church to this

This site here is a WordPress setup where before we used Joomla. We used Joomla 3but next year it is migrating to Joomla 4 and I know some of the plugins won’t work, crossing over.

The forum on this site from wpforo seems to be very fresh and looks nice on a mobile devise. I can add plugins like embedding video and I am hoping to buy the Private Messages addon where I can communicate 1 to 1 or in a group.

On the Joomla site we used Jomsocial which was a community software, but the items such as groups and pages weren’t active, but I have managed to develop separate groups on the forums.

I hope you all can join and add to this online Christian community.

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