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We need herd immunity

This country here in the UK is working to suppress the Covid 19 virus through various type of lockdowns such at 3 to 5 tier types and naming them “circuit breaker” or “fire breaker”.

But over the last few months, this type of battle to rid the virus is not working, and the gimmicks of masking people and mobile apps for (test tracking and tracing) just bring more fear into the UK society and brings out weak panicked governments who lie constantly with false data etc.

Now the government in England are beginning a full lockdown this week on the 5th November and I think here in Scotland will follow suit.

Learn from Sweden

Like Sweden we need to learn from them, through Sweden were late in protecting the elderly at the beginning of the pandemic, they quickly got them protected with the vulnerable people.

Schools and Universities.

Here in the UK have missed the chance when schools and universities when back to their studies where they are young and fit to bring about a population level immunity or herd immunity.

The UK governments flapped and locked university student in accommodation blocks. If the UK governments had the sense and protected the elderly and vulnerable individuals. Students could have lived the life of a student living and being part of a town or cities community.

This could have been enough to get the young students and people who were coming back to work in offices etc to be infected with the Covid 19 virus. With the population recovering from Covid 19 and becoming immune over time, the elderly/vulnerable would come out and live a normal life again because the virus will be in a low state of infection.

Protecting the vulnerable until enough immunity is not hard to do and is worth doing to get the UK moving again.

Reproduction Number

You will of heard of the basic reproduction number (Ro) where people with Measles can infect 16 to 20 people from one person. The MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) vaccine, it is given at ages 1 and again at 3 years and 4 months old from the NHS website.

Measles is highly infectious where the Basic reproduction number (Ro) is 16 or 20 and this would spread massively and that is why most of the UK young children are vaccinated with the MMR jab.

Flu less transmissible and will infect 2 to 3 people from one person.

So, we need the healthy communities in our town and cities to develop antibodies these are proteins made by immune system cells to protect or defuse the virus from attacking you again.

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