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Open Letter to Nicola Sturgeon

Dear First Minister,

Sometimes I struggle to believe what is happening, that such vast numbers of people have bought into every detail of a scenario which has been built upon a bed of lies. I equally struggle to believe that anyone of good conscience, could continue to stand up in Parliament and implement policies which are not only unnecessary and unsubstantiated, but are known to be causing continuous destruction to people’s lives, wellbeing, and to this country as a whole.

There is no Pandemic right now. Yes, I said it, there is no Pandemic right now.

A story about a virus, the details of which have continually changed, has changed the very details of our society and how we interact, how we love and care for each other, even within our own families; how we go about every movement of our lives.

People who are not sick, being classed as dangerous and confined to their homes. People who are not sick being tested & those positive cases of healthy people being used to manipulate waves of fear and justify further government control.

The asymptomatic lie has been one of the biggest building blocks of the whole story. We are yet to see any hard evidence to support it, yet the theory continues to impact every part of our social interaction.

‘Cases’ are positive tests, but nobody is necessarily sick. Why is there no distinction made between cases and infections? The two are conflated but they are not the same. You don’t report whether someone is sick, because this invisible and clearly (in many cases) unharmful virus has work to do, the government has work to do in using it to literally change the whole of society.

When the government ran out of deaths to report, then they started reporting ‘cases’, because they couldn’t let the fear settle, nobody was to relax. You said in a recent briefing, words to the effect of “wherever you are, imagine Coronavirus is in the room with you” but this is a lie & it is psychological warfare and I believe that you know it. You want everyone to remain scared and on edge, so that people will do whatever you say, to ‘comply’, as you say.

But why should we believe what you say, when you stood up at the start of lockdown and told us this was all being implemented to protect the vulnerable, yet the most vulnerable were left to die?

While the government harped on and on about how lockdown was necessary to protect the vulnerable, the vulnerable were sentenced to death in care homes. While the elderly died, you stood up and continued to pretend that this was all being done for people’s health and to ‘protect the vulnerable’. People were not only left to die, but left to die alone, cut off from their family. This is one of the greatest offences against human dignity, to deny someone a loved one, at the hour of their death.

You have been hailed as a hero, surrounded by the applause of a nation taking your every instruction, but you have stood up and preached on a mountain of deception and dishonesty. The truth is, you are not to be trusted.

99.7%. This is the figure we are looking at in terms of surviving this virus. This is not the deadly virus you continue to claim it is.

Yet here we are, believing this is a genuine Pandemic. The Pandemic is the Politicians & the Media. Politicians and journalists desperately scraping the barrel for more that they can use to build hysteria and continue separating loved ones, separating friends, shutting the doors of our own homes, shutting down businesses, shutting our churches, muzzling us, distancing us, preparing us for a vaccine we do.not.need.

On the bright side, it does seem that more and more people are seeing the penny drop. More people are seeing that 2+2 does not equal 5. More and more people are seeing the inconsistent, non evidence based, contradictory rules and policies for what they are. More and more people are realising the disproportionate response is aimed more at control, than any effort to help anyone. More and more medical professionals are speaking up, even at the risk of their own career, because stifling the truth is too much to bear and the truth always breaks free in the end.

As the number of those questioning things increases, so do the chances of withstanding the destructive force that is at work in the name of ‘saving lives’.

If the government truly cared for our health they would care about health in all areas. In the UK, around 450 people die of cancer every single day. Is that reported in the daily briefings? We know that cancer has a 50% survival rate, a far more deadly statistic than Covid, and now we are going to see hundreds if not thousands more die of cancer in coming months and years because screenings were stopped during lockdown. This is not about our health.

This is about our freedom, about a societal upheaval and restructure, impacting the very nature of our lives as human beings and how we interact with each other.

Right before lockdown started in the UK, this situation was downgraded from being an emergency, yet it went ahead anyway so the government could try to pretend the lockdown ‘worked’. Meanwhile, Sweden set out a completely different plan and proved that it wasn’t lockdown which ‘worked’ at all.

2 + 2 does not equal 5. There is no Pandemic right now.

The fact of the matter is, given the reality of the situation and not the illusion you have created – You have no right or authority to divide families, friends, church communities. You have no right or authority to say who can and cannot enter someone’s private property. You have no right or authority to ruin people’s livelihoods and educations. You have no right or authority to destroy the economy. You have no right or authority to stop a person worshipping God in the place of worship they attend. You have no right and authority to psychologically torment a nation, with Proaganda and unsubstantiated statements.

Please, for once in 2020, stand up and tell the truth and leave this nation to return to the normality that it can and should have.

There is no Pandemic right now.


Concerned Mother and Scottish Citizen.

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