HA OPINION: Ian Miller: We need our NHS more than Trident

Helenasburgh Advertiser OPINION: Ian Miller: We need our NHS more than Trident. https://www.helensburghadvertiser.co.uk/news/18407270.opinion-ian-miller-need-nhs-trident/

I don’t agree with Miller’s political views but we need to be able to defend our nation and support sailors and their families in these times with the virus pandemic here in Helensburgh.

It is often to common these days when we read the news online, that Russian maritime patrol planes or bomber planes flying towards UK airspace.

The RAF Quick Reaction Alert (QRA) have had to nearly one a month to intercept these planes. With the world under the pandemic of Covid 19 virus there is always rumours of wars and I feel we in the UK, if we didn’t have the deterrent of Nuclear warfare, we would be a walk over for nations like Russia, China or even EU nations.

In these pandemic times we have sailors in the front line going to Faslane to keep our submarines safe and ready for action. Also, they have families at home under lockdown with no end insight of the restrictions being relaxed. These families have probably had to move away from close family and if their parents have had to go to hospital, they have not been able to drive or visit their loved ones in other parts of the UK.

I say forget about your political agenda and work on spiritual biblical leadership.


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    Born Again Christians says:

    In order for the battles in the Book of Revelation to come true, I think the doctrine of mutually assured destruction has to be overcome. The reason we are not at war is because we all fear we will perish in a war.


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