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Zola Levitt name change to Our Jewish Roots

Some good news in that Zola Levitt is changing its name to Our Jewish Roots. I have followed the ministry of Zola Levitt over the years and have been blessed by the multi resource material they provide.

The presenters David and Kirsten Hart are great and hope they continue and present the video content. If you are lucky! They sometimes sing and they have powerfully beautiful voices.

Jeffrey Seif is the main teacher of the program who took over from Zola. Jeffrey Seif has a great way of teaching and he is my go-to if I want to see various Bible place sites, where characters of the Bible have lived, travelled or taught.

I love the presenters the Bearded Bible Brothers Joshua and Caleb, I am not sure if they are blood or Christian brothers? They have a great way of teaching in a basic easy to understand way covering various topics. I love the Fidget spinners they use to fidget with, while having a coffee.

They also have a video teaching for learning Hebrew by Sarah Liberman, she teaches from basic words like OK! (Beseder) to words like the Vine or Olive.

Aldo Chaim Malespin presents some modern historical fact of Israel and news on the past elections.

I hope you will enjoy this ministry as it moves to a different name of Our Jewish Roots at


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