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Continue Walking in the Lord 1 John 1 Bible Study

This is notes of the Bible Study in Glasgow 22-10-2014  at there was 7 of us

1 John 1

This book was written by the Apostle John at a very old age of around 90 years old. He was the last of the apostles with the rest being martyred.

The purpose of this letter was to expose the false teachers promoting Gnosticm that was getting a foothold in the church. Gnostics believe that Jesus was a ghost or phantom when he lived on earth, as well as other false teachings.

Gnosticm was further developed by Arias called the Arias heresy that denied the deity of Christ.

The Arias heresy has been used by the Jehovah Witnesses to base their teachings.

So, John sought to correct this false teaching by this writing and to encourage the faith of the believers.

As we studied through this book we saw a structure with the big idea of “Continue Walking in the Lord”

The points we studied were

1. Verses 5 to 7 WALK in the Light
2. Verse 7 WALK in Fellowship with one another.
3. Verse 8 to 10 WALK in Forgiveness

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