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Hello, we are still around, Free Grace Church News

Hello, we are still around, and we are still waiting patiently on our church plant. I have tried to contact by phone and letter to 1st Helensburgh Scout at 13 John Street for the hire of the hall but to no avail. I hope maybe if someone finds this message by googling please get in-contact with us.

I am not sure what is happening up at the Kirkmichael centre with Park Church Helensburgh doing the coffee afternoon on a Friday, I have a gut feeling they have stopped this. I feel it’s wrong just making coffee for the residence, but they really need to give them living water not with coffee but by preaching the Word of God to them. This could be easily done with the time frame they have on the Friday.

Very soon the Church of Scotland assembly will open again and high on the debate will be the ordination of Homosexual Ministers, and I feel this will get through and I do pray people will have the guts to leave. I do pray that the Lord will give us the role and place to preach the Gospel. We have nearly 10 churches in Helensburgh and most of them have people ordained by the Satan preaching in the pulpits.

Be praying for the people of this town and Scotland the Word needs preached to them.

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