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Latest update on Free Grace Church in Kirkmichael area

Hello, it’s been a while since I have posted on here and it has been a difficult few weeks in many ways. I do have some good news is that we have a place for our church plant at the Kirkmichael Centre on Townhead Road in the Kirkmichael estate, Helensburgh.

Before I can put a date for starting meetings, I need to get legal policies put in place before I have people attending the meetings. These are really hard to write up, but I am managing by looking at other templates online as a guide.

Family matters are important at the moment with my son Rodrick being diagnosed with Autism, we kind of knew he was autistic, but with the diagnoses from the doctors has tested me. When we have a set structure on Rodricks life I’ll be better minded for work on the plant. I feel it’s important that my wife gets my full support and strength through these days.

We have other issues with our other two boys Jacob and Ben that I will share in other posts, but Jacob needs your prayers with mental issues which came about by abuse from the education system. It has really affected his life emotionally which has led to many mental issues and him having to leave the home in the coming months.

This circumstance has led to a major breakdown with pressure on Jacob’s siblings and us as parents. These issues need to be prayed for to give us strength and for my wife Debbie.

Keep looking for updates at our website at, our contact details are on it. But I am trying to regularly be up in the Kirkmichael area walking about praying and seeing who I bump into. Please be praying for us as a family and that I can reach some to share the Gospel.

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